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Kettler Casting FacilitiesKettler Casting Facilities   Facilities
  36,000 square feet of production floor space
Molding  1 Roberts-Sinto FBO III Automatic Molding Machine (20x24)
  3 BMM Green Sand Squeezer Lines (13x13 through 20x20)
  Cope and Drag Green Sand Line (up to 60x60 in)
  Palmer M200 Air Set Molding Machine (13x13 through 60x60)
Sand Equipment  1 Simpson Sand Muller (5 Tons per Hour)
  1 Beardley and Piper Model 85B (40 Tons per Hour)
  1 Hartley Automatic Sand Controller Unit
Core Equipment  Shell Core
  Oil Sand Production with 2 gas-fired core ovens
  Air Set (Chemical Bond)
Melting  1 Inductotherm VIP 500 Kilowatt Furnace
  1 Inductotherm VIP 750 Kilowatt Furnace
  1 Foundry Information Systems Melt Lab
Cleaning  1 Didion MD-50 Rotary Drum Media Cleaner
  1 Wheelabrator Shot Blast Cleaner
  8 - 20 inch Stand Grinders